Thursday, November 29, 2007

This lady was never born

This lady was not born, did not live for a single day and will never die because
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Painting of Tica by Dru Blair. This is a painting completed in February 2005. It probably took a total of around 65-75 hours to complete. The small images are step by step photographs taken during the painting process, and the large image is the final painting after detail and skin texture are added with an eraser and colored pencil. The main colors are blocked in at the beginning, but refinement is withheld until the very end. 

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bangalored - Did u know that?

Did u know that?
"Bangalored" is a verb which recently got added in the dictionary. A person is said to be bangalored if he lost his job because the work got outsourced to Bangalore or any other city in India.
"He got bangalored last week" is an example of its usage.
You can also type this word "Bangalored" in Google search n see. Lot of people in US got Bangalored that it became an issue during the US presidential election. That's exactly when this word was coined.
One such similar verb is "shanghaied" which means kidnapped. 
FYR: http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Bangalored.