Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Great Gayle : Ben-Gayle-Uru record win

Shocked fielders, Horrified bowlers, Roaring spectators, Unexpected rain in between, Raining sixes all around the ground - The day witnnessed it all. 

  • This is brutal
  • That ball landed on mars
  • When Gayle bats, Spectators are fielders and fielders are spectators 
Though these comments sound bit exaggerated, a true cricket lover who witnessed the  rampage act of cricket by Chris Gayle on Tuesday can never say these are inflating statements.

"May be we should ban him from the game, may be he is too good, he hits it too far". These were the words jokingly said by Pune skipper Aaron Finch after the match shows how horrified they were while bowling to this Jamaican cricketer who is also nicknamed as Master Storm.

Many records were washed away on this spectacular day in the history of IPL.
  • Fastest century of T20, in just 30 balls
  • Highest individual T20 score - 175 not out
  • Most sixes by a batsman in T20 - 17 sixes
  • Most sixes for a team- Total of 21 by RCB
  • Highest team total of 263 in an T20 innings
Sad part for Pune warriors was their total score could not even cross the the individual score of Chris Gayle. 

There were praises all around the globe by cricket lovers for this breathless innings of Chris Gayle. Some of the bets tweets made by these personalities :

  • Life is all about taking the right decision, seeing Gayle bat today I think I took the right decision of being a wicket keeper - Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  • A ball just flew fast Cheepauk! Did it come from ChinnaSwamy????? - Suresh Raina.
  • Where are human right groups? Plz support Pune. Why dont you protest against the atrocities of this foreigner? (Chris Gayle) - Paresh Rawal
  • All we can say about Gayle right now is wow wow wow - Yohan Blake

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