Friday, June 7, 2013

This Simple trick may sometimes help you to get back your stolen car

Many cars these days come with an anti theft system, but what about those cars which may be quite a few years old. one of my friend's car was stolen recently and the worst part was he has not even renewed the Insurance policy of that car for the present term.

It is almost a month now but there is no clue of the stolen car. The police also expressed their helplessness as in most of the cases the color of the stolen car is replaced,  number plates  are forged, body parts are altered and most importantly stolen car is driven out of the state which makes it quite impossible to trace it back.

The below simple trick suggested by a friend seems quite useful in getting back your stolen car.

All you have to do is buy a simple and cheaper mobile phone preferably with longer standby time. Install it with a SIM which has better network connection.

Turn this mobile in to SILENT mode and wrap it with a plastic sheet so that it wont get wet and then hide this mobile in a safer place of your car. Ensure that the mobile is working and is in silent mode by dialing it from another number once u have hidden. 

By any chance if your car is stolen, immediately inform the local Police. Give them the phone number of the mobile hidden in your car. Police can easily track the location of the car with the help of that number.

This is not a full-proof method but may be handy in extreme conditions. 

On a lighter note, do not forget to charge the hidden mobile on a regular basis as long as your car is not stolen :)

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