Monday, April 8, 2013

Super Over rules in T20 cricket

Many cricket lovers witnessed a tied match yesterday in IPL tournament. However, the Sunrisers who scored more runs than RCB in the super over were the winners. 

But what would have happened if Chris Gayle hit a six in the last ball of the super over he faced? The scores would have tied in the super over too, but RCB would have been the winners !!!

Before the start of a super over, each team needs to nominate 3 batsmen and a bowler. And the team which plays second in the tied match will play first in the super over. If any two out of three batsmen are out, that'e end of innings for that team.

In case if the scores in the super overs are also equal, the winner is declared based on the highest number of sixes scored by the team. If the sixes hit by both the teams are equal, the team which has scored most boundaries will be the winner.

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